Welcome to Art Dolls Sculptures
Group Started: August 22, 2005 Group Type: Private

Group Leader: luiseno-lady

"Art Doll Sculpture Group" ADSG

We are a discussion group created for the sharing of information, offering support for one another
and have a good time together. A place to visit---share an idea or two, discuss important issues
and celebrate this wonderful world of Art Dolls and Fantasy Sculptures!

We welcome any and all One of a Kind Figurative Artists and mediums to our group.

We also have a number of Collectors who come and share ideas regularly.

If you would like to join our group, please review our etiquette guidelines below.

ADSG Guidelines

Please use good manners, good judgment, and common sense when posting.

Posts that are accusatory, sarcastic, rude, malicious, or inflammatory are not constructive
and reduce the enjoyment of the ADSG for others.

If you wish to join our group and become a member of ADSG with access to
tutorials, helpful members, collector contact and more, please click here!

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